Marketing & Booking

Whilst we can offer a complete management service, we do also provide a marketing and booking only option as well. This would suit property owners that want to be actively involved in the running of their property but would prefer not to have to worry about setting up a website, marketing their properties, social media, dealing with enquiries, customer payments and ultimately getting enough bookings for their property.

Our current marketing strategy is as follows;

  • Your property would be added to our own websites & where we get the majority of our bookings from.
  • Advertise on the most successful listing websites such as HomeAway and Trip Advisor (the cost of which is included in our commission charges).
  • Social Media updates and promotions to our followers on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
  • Regular emails & mailshots with promotions to our large database of past guests and people that have enquired with us over the last ten years.

We use a well known booking software system to ensure all bookings are professionally logged and it is easy to check up on your bookings online with a few easy clicks on our website. Our office team are professional and well briefed with intimate knowledge of all our properties which significantly helps when trying to sell to a potential guest!

Your property will fall into the Woodlands Retreats brand and be a key part of a strong, growing brand in the holiday property market. We will only ever accept good quality luxurious properties within our brand which will ensure guests will know they can be guaranteed a good stay with us which ever property they decide to book.

Commission Rates and Length of Contract

Our commission rates are very competitive against other booking agents and we can provide a much more tailored and personal service than larger companies whilst achieving a better level of return for you and your property. We can say this with some certainty as we ourselves used one of the largest booking agents in the UK when we started with our first two properties and subsequently we increased the rental prices and gained a higher number of bookings than when operating through them.

For just marketing and booking only, we operate a 12 month contract period as standard with renewal for the following year by the end of the month of May.