Commission Charges

Charges for our office based work; the marketing, booking process, liaising with guests before and after booking as well as our on site management; arranging the cleaning, maintenance, house presentation and dealing with issues and guests throughout their stay, are covered by the commission we charge on each booking, which means that we don’t get paid unless we get you bookings!

Commission charges will fall into two categories;

  • Marketing & booking only (which would be the lower of the two).
  • Complete management which would involve more work on our part and therefore a higher rate of commission would be required.

Our rates are very competitive against other agents and you will even find that our complete management charge is less than many agents that will only do the marketing and booking. One size does not fit all with us; whilst we have a range of price structures we work within, the rates we charge will depend on a variety of factors.

Our rental prices are set at the higher end of the market in which we operate and the number of bookings we achieve are also high, so therefore you’ll get strong revenues combined with a low rate of commission = more money for you at the end of the day!

Each month we would simply add up all the gross rental income for your property, deduct our commission charges and all other operational costs (if on a complete management agreement) such as; cleaning, maintenance, soaps/shower gels, cleaning products for example and transfer the remaining funds across to your account within a week of the end of the previous month.